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  • Alumni Activites

Roundhouse Radio 98.3 Hires Director of Programming - Tracey Friesen -  2005 Cohort

Vancouver, BC / October 30, 2014 megamouthmedia – 98.3 FM Roundhouse Radio announced today that Tracey Friesen has accepted the position of Director of Programming at Vancouver’s newest radio station, expected to go on the air Spring of 2015.

 Formerly the Executive Producer of the National Film Board’s Vancouver studio, Friesen was also a part of the city’s post production and visual effects community for a decade.  Friesen spent three years on the board of Women in Film & Television and was honoured with their 2013 Woman of the Year Award. She was a mentor for the Minerva Foundation, a protégée in Women in View’s Creative Leaders program and routinely leads workshops, panels and industry juries.  Passionate about media and education, Friesen has a BA from Ryerson (Radio & Television), a BA from UBC (English), and both an MA (Graduate Liberal Studies) and an MBA from SFU (bio material attached).
“The vision for Roundhouse Radio was simply irresistible and the team behind it impressive,” says Friesen. “The goals are about better connecting the citizens of the city, through smart dialogue, storytelling, hyper-local information, events, and great music – now, how compelling is that?!’ 
Don Shafer, President & CEO says, “Tracey brings a wealth of experience, creativity, innovation and leadership to our urban radio station. Her background in story development, production and community involvement will help ensure that we live up to our promise of making a difference to everyone who lives, works and plays in Downtown Vancouver”.
To learn more about Roundhouse Radio please visit www.roundhouseradio.com


Ted Whittall, cohort 2009, has been accepted to pursue a PhD in Performance Studies at York University next year. His Extended Essays consist of a paper called “The Gates: Liminality and Grief Tourism in New York Post 9/11” and an adaptation of J.M. Coetzee's “The Lives of Animals” into a short performance piece.  “The Gates: Liminality and Grief Tourism in New York Post 9/11” explores the political and discursive connection between GroundZero and Central Park during the 16 days in February, 2005 that Christo and Jeanne-Claude's installation “The Gates” was erected. The play will be annotated with thematic links between Coetzee's story and critical animal studies.

His PhD thesis proposal is called “Common Sense: The Performance of Food and the City.” He will be doing research on how the public performances of modern food culture - open kitchens, food festivals and street food, feasts and protests - might be linked to the performative pressures of globalization on urban culture. He has been awarded a SSHRC grant as well as a York graduate Entrance Scholarship.

Congratulations, Ted!



Mari-Lou Rowley, 1994 cohort, has been accepted to start her PhD through the Graduate of Interdisciplinary Studies Program at the University of Saskatchewan.   Her thesis is tentatively titled, "Technologies-R-Us"--The Psychological, Neurological and Sociological Effects of Multimedia and Internet Technologies.

Her PhD research stems from her GLS MA extended essay Virtual Reality, Narcissism and the Disintegrating Self. Since then, new media and internet technologies have become ubiquitous—and the questions more complex. How are these technologies altering our “selves” and our brains, and what are the social and ethical consequences? And if these technologies are addictive, as recent neurological research has shown, what does this mean for psychological development and social responsibility?

For her PhD research, she plans to examine these questions by drawing on current interdisciplinary research on neural plasticity—the ability of the brain to adapt to new environments, including immersive digital ones—and related humanistic and social science scholarship on mirroring and empathy. She is also very excited to have Michael Kenny on her advisory committee and look forward to continued association with SFU.    

Congratulations, Mari-Lou!


Dylan van der Schyff, D. 2010 Oct 20. The Ethical Experience of Nature: Aristotle and the Roots of Ecological Phenomenology.Phenomenology & Practice [Online] 4:1. Available:http://www.phandpr.org/index.php/pandp/article/view/64/104

Meg Stainsby (Class of 2000), who recently started serving in an interim capacity as Dean, Faculty of Language, Literature and Performing Arts at Douglas College, began her MFA in Creative Writing at UBC this July.

Warren Michelow (Class of 2000) has taken a position as Epidemiologist at the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS.

Sandra Regan is doing a PhD in Nursing at UBC and has taken a tenure track position at the University of Western Ontario.

John Carter has been accepted into a PhD program at SFU in Arts Education.

Kieran Metcalfe is doing a PhD at UBC.

Kimcha Rajkumar was accepted by the University of London's Birbeck College into a PhD program.

Evelyn Armstrong is in her second semester of her PhD studies at the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts.

Sonja Boon has successfully defended her PhD dissertation in March. She is the first Women's Studies PhD that SFU has produced. She has accepted a tenure track position in Women's Studies at Memorial University in Newfoundland.

Daphne Bramham's The Secret Lives of Saints, about Mormons in the US and in Bountiful, BC, was released last spring.

Warren Michelow has just completed his PhD comprehensive exams in the Department of Health Care and Epidemiology in the Faculty of Medicine at UBC. He has won a CIHR Canada Graduate Scholarship Doctoral Award for research.

Linda Turner's paper, "Protecting the Priceless Earth: Lessons from the Magdalene Stories", was presented at the Orthodox Academy of Crete at a conference on Environmental Ethics this June.

Linde Zingaro has been awarded the Internation Institute of Qualitative Methodology's Dissertation Award, for her PhD thesis,Rhetorical Identities, which will be published in book form in October.

Andy Abele was awarded a place in the "Top 40 under 40" businessmen in Vancouver this year.

Mary Bissell's documentary "My Big Fat Diet" aired on CBC's "The Lens" in March. It was mentioned as a Critics Choice in theGlobe and Mail.

Tracey Friesen and Erin Geary have both completed the coursework part of their EMBA program at SFU.

Leah Macfadyen has had two GLS-related papers accepted for publication. A version of the paper she wrote for Steve Duguid's Scotland Travel Study was presented at the 3rd International Conference of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences in Italy in July.

Mari-Lou Rowley's paper, "Ecopoetics as Enactivist Poetics", was presented by the Conference on "Poetics Ecologies: Nature as Text, Text as Nature" in Brussels, in May.

Nita Deerpalsing is now a Member of Parliament in Mauritius.

Ronnie Tessler has presented a paper based on her GLS final project, "Living in Yehupetz: Constructing Jewish Identity in the West Kootenays", at the Canadian Jewish Studies Conference in June, in Vancouver.

Deborah Jones was accepted into the University of Oxford's Cummer Programme in Creative Writing.

Susie Gray, Karen Ravensbergen, Narcisa Medianu, and Michael Cox have published papers in the Confluence Journal of the Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs.

Sandra Regan - PhD completed at UBC

Sonja Boon's book "The Life of Madame Necker" (London: Chatto, 2011)